TOTO SW554-01 Washlet S300 Toilet Seat Review

TOTO Washlet S300 bidet toilet seat is the ultimate in bidet seat luxury, controlled by a wireless remote with LCD controls. This seat is in contemporary style, providing extra comfort with its elongated design. Round front design is also available. The seat can be heated and you can adjust its temperature. This bidet cleanses your bottom and dries you right after. You can select various cleaning modes depending on which setting you are most comfortable with.

TOTO Washlet S300 is versatile. It gives many things in just a small package.

The heating function is what most people love the most when it comes bidet seats like S300. It is great to seat on a warm seat when you’re about to do your business. It is inviting and provides comfort and relaxation. The temperature is adjustable to your prefered level of warmth.

It has an auto timer feature for heating. This feature allows you to time the heating. Depending on your habits, you may set it in specific intervals. This way, you don’t have to wait for your seat to heat up in the morning. You can save energy this way too.

Washlet S300’s washing system comes with a wide range of functions. There is a variety of different modes you can choose from on how you want the water to be sprayed. It has a massage feature as well. It has adjustable water pressure and water temperature. A cycling motion of the nozzle is activated for effectively cleaning your whole behind.

It has a drying system which you can control the settings as well. You may be able to adjust the temperature and the pressure of the air going out of the air dry system.

Its wireless remote control is mounted on the wall so that you can reach the controls while using the toilet. It has an LCD screen which show you the current settings you’re using, whether it is to satisfies your preference or not. The buttons are big so they’re easy to use.

No more annoying loud slams when the lid and seat is lowered. Washlet S300 has a soft close feature, so you can head out of the bathroom as completely happy person.

Everyone can use TOTO S300, especially if you’re someone who values comfort and perfect cleaning. It’s really helpful for those who have arthritis or similar circumstance.


Vincent said “Unique product. Waited 9 years for this! I always wanted one since my visit in Japan. But I had to wait because I had to do other things before I could. I had to buy a house, remodel the bathroom and CONVINCE everyone that I REALLY WANTED THIS WASHLET for my 40th birthday… So I had my birthday party this weekend, and EVERYONE who came had to see the Washlet! I was greeted with some surprised looks. Some totally didn’t get it, others thought that it was an amazing and wonder product. The biggest draw of the party was my WASHLET and not the birthday me, I couldn’t believe it!”

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