Toto SW542#12 B200 Washlet Review

Washlets are the epitome of personal hygiene and sophisticated technology, bringing ultimate ease and comfort for the users. And Toto B200 Washlet is the same.

Toto B200 Washlet is a bathroom accessory that will enhance your bathroom functionality and lifestyle at your fingertips. Using its slim wireless remote control with illuminated touch pad, you can use the washlet hands free.

TOTO B200 Washlet Features:
Posterior and feminine wash
Washlet cleansing with 5 settings
Heated seat
Oscillating spray option
Pulsating feature
Adjustable water and seat temperature
Warm air dry
Built in deodorizer
Soft close seat and lid

Perfect for cold mornings and winter months is the heated seat which B200 washlet can offer. Temperature of the seat can be adjusted to the degree you are comfortable with. Nothing can beat a warm toilet seat during a cold chilly day.

The B200’s posterior and feminine wash are definitely the main points of the washlet. It refreshingly and effectively cleans you every after your business on the toilet. During the wash, it will also provide you with pulsating feeling. Enjoy utmost comfort during your cleansing as you can adjust the water temperature and the water pressure to your preferred setting. B200 washlet also has an oscillating spray feature in store.

Finish your bathroom business with a dry bottom. B200 provides you with a warm air dry feature that will dry your bottom after the wash. This warm air drying system offers you with five varied temperature settings.

You don’t need to worry about the smell going around as you do your business. B200 has a built in deodorizing system which immediately activates once the washlet turns on. No need for bad smell going around the room, the deodorizing system will do its work without you needing to do anything.

B200 Washlet is perfect as well if you have kids. You won’t have to worry about your toilet seat and the cover slamming after use. It has a soft close feature, preventing the slamming of the toilet seat and its lead.

The remote is designed to be convenient slim for easier hold. It is wireless comes together with illuminated touch pad. This helps in easier user use.

TOTO B200 Washlet suits everyone. Whether you’re male, female, kid, teen, adult or elderly, you can definitely use this washlet with easy. Even those who has arthritis or in similar circumstances can use this washlet with just a touch of a button.