Toto SW583#01 Washlet S350e Toilet Seat-Round with ewater+

TOTO has been the most trusted washlet brand around the world. Now it presents its latest flagship bidet seat, the TOTO S350 Washlet.

TOTO had ecologic luxury in slim design when they thought of how Washlet S350 should be. This washlet features technologically advanced ewater+ system. This system provides mists and cleaning of the bowl with electrolyzed water every after use.

TOTO Washlet S350 uses electrolyzed water. Electrolyzed water is a more safe and more powerful compound compared to your conventional water. It keeps the toilet bowl cleaner after every flush, reducing the need to use harsh chemical cleaners constantly. The pre-misting wets the surface of the toilet bowl to prevent waste from sticking to the sides.

Unlike other brands, Washlet S350 has auto open/close seat and lid which automatically
opens and close whenever you approach and leave respectively. It has a night light which helps you access the toilet at night without turning on the lights.

You will find all the standard luxury features any leading model has warm water, dual action spray with oscillating and pulsating capabilities, water and seat heating, endless warm water supply, and adjustable features. All the features are control via remote control.

Enjoy luxury while having a hygienic and comfortable bathroom experience with Washlet S350.

Front and rear wash
5 spray cleansing settings
Adjustable water temperature
Built-in air deodorizer
Auto open/close
Night light
Heated seat with temperature control
Warm-air dryer
Easy to use illuminated remote control
2-user personal memory settings
Self-cleaning nozzle


M commented “The main feature of this seat is the wash function. It is a great alternative to toilet paper. The operation of the basic functions of the seat while you’re using it actively is pretty straightforward. When it comes to the advance settings, however, is where I get a little confused. Example is that there are two different types of energy mode, you can use of or you can use both at the same time. It will cause the seat to work a bit differently. It seems a little wasteful that the heated seat stays on all the time. But I do admit that the heated seat wouldn’t have much point if the seat isn’t warm when you sit on it. What I’ve said are minor issues though. Like I said the seat works great.”

Karen said “We had this bidet since late May this year. It has been really amazing, the installation was easy. It works just as advertised. The remote control is easy to handle and very intuitive. We have never encountered any problems with it. We disabled the auto close/open feature though. Not that we didn’t like the feature. It’s just that it really freaked our cats out when they walk past. I actually laughed at it until one time one cat jumped right in front of me. Great product. My husband and I love it.”

K.C. mentioned “Sometimes you just don’t entirely appreciate what you have until you’re away from your home. Yeah. I had this installed over the winter season and totally enjoyed the comfort and warmth of this seat. I have to go away from business trips at times and it makes me realize just how much I enjoy this. Yup. Enjoy. Compared to regular seats, this is far more comfortable. What makes it more inviting is the warmer… then the wash… and the dry. I wish the auto lights would stay on longer at night though. But it’s not really that much of a big deal.”