TOTO SW844#01 Washlet E200 Elongated Front Toilet Seat

If you want to upgrade to your own bathroom, try out TOTO Washlet E200 Toilet Seat. It has a contoured design which is pleasant to see.

This is perfect for those who have contoured toilets since it has a contoured rear case.

The Washlet E200 has features such as dual action cleansing modes and warm air dryer. This bidet seat will never see the toilet seats the same way again.

This bidet seat considered a revolution when it comes to personal hygiene, it uses advanced technology to offer comfort and cleanliness that are unparalleled.

It provides warm water through it s heated water tank. This water tank is adjustable, so you can adjust the temperature of the water the way you want it.

Rear and front washes are also adjustable. You can adjust the water pressure up to what you are most comfortable with.

It has a warm air dryer which provides you with a warm bottom after the wash. This will lessen your use of toilet paper which is considered a benefit in saving papers.

All of these adjustments and functions are controlled via remote control. Enjoy the comfort, cleanliness, good value, easy installation, quiet flush, water efficiency and sleek design. Most especially, enjoy a superior personal cleansing and hygiene.

Key Features:
Adjustable rear and front washes
Adjustable warm air dry
Adjustable heated water tank
Oscillating comfort wash
Convenient remote control
Curved rear case
Adjustable, heated and softclose seat
One year warranty


Glenn commented “I was so happy with this seat that after a year, I bought a higher end seat which is TOTO S400. The higher ends has extra features like auto-flush and automatic cover raising. I love the new features and find myself dumbfounded that the toilet downstairs doesn’t open when I get close to it. However, I think this lower end E200 is a better value. It does 90% of what I want from a bidet — posterior washing and seat warming at a lower price.”

Chung said “I have always known about toto bidets but thought that they were too costly. They’re in thousands of dollars. I was surprised to find four of their models’ came down. So I chose E200. It’s still not cheap but it’s more affordable than before. Once it was installed, I was eager to try it out. It was worth it coz it didn’t disappoint. What I love most were the warm water, water seat, air dryer and adjustable temperature and water pressure. Now I understand why some people say how they were able to live without their bidet. I even wonder myself now that I have one! I hardly need to use toilet paper anymore. Thank goodness. My wife really loves it too. The slow close seat and cover feature is really great if you have children.”

Chain mentioned “Once you experience the E200, using a toilet without one will feel unsanitary and barbaric. This may not be the lowest cost available but it’s hundreds of dollars less than Toto’s premium and high end units. It also represents the greatest value for the features and functions it provides. Its design is clean and modern. It’s build with great quality. It provides comfortable settings you can imagine — temperature, pressure and etc. It’s easy to use with its battery remote control.”

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