Different Types of Toilet Seats for Different Use

People prefer their own specific toilet seat type based on their experiences. Some people like heated toiled seats while others like a specific brand of toilet seat. Find out what’s the reasons are behind their preference.

Advantages of a Heated Toilet Seat

Provides Warmth

Many people like the fact that heated toilet seats give them warmth. In times when cold winter season arrives, a very inviting heated toilet seat is a cozy alternative to the ordinary one. Most people are familiar with the cold and numbing feeling of toilet seats whether they are being used at wee times of the night or the first breath of sunshine in the morning. This issue will be erased when you use a toilet seat that is heated.

Adds Comfort

The best part about using a heated toilet seat is the temperature control. You can adjust it depending upon your preference. It is also a good way to relax while you do your business in the bathroom. It can also relive you of muscle discomfort and aches. Many arthritic sufferers find relief when they heat toilet seats during the cold weather.

Loosen Stiff Muscles

Heat therapy is well known for relaxation because it targets pains and muscle aches. Minor discomfort can be relieved by seating in a warm toilet seat.

Very Little Electricity Usage

There is no need for you to worry about the electrical bill surges that will incur when you use a heated toilet seat. Aside from this, it is also environmentally friendly.

Heated Water

Numerous users choose electricity as a factor when buying heated toilet seats. However, some people choose the more economical type which uses hot water. People have the choice of using electricity or hot water.

Who Uses Raised Toilet Seats?

It is a common misconception that only the elderly uses raised toilet seats. The truth is many individuals with various medications and sleeping devices need raised toilet seats to help them. Tall people also purchase these seats to help them install a toilet that is of perfect height. People who have posture issues can also benefit from this.

How Important Are Toilet Seat Covers?

Several toilet seat covers that people use nowadays are useless according to Charles Gerba, PhD, a professor at the University of Arizona.

Most people think that they can contract sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) on a toilet seat. The truth is that these organisms cannot survive on hard and cold toilet seats for a specific period of time. It means that once you enter a stall and sit on a toilet, these germs are most probably already dead.

However, fecal bacteria and MRSA bacterium can survive on these and transfer from one person to another through toilet seat contact. The chances of this happening are very slim and most likely will rarely happen to any individual. You need to have an open sore at the back of your thighs or buttocks which touched a surface of the toilet seat before you can acquire the bacteria. Another way is that the tissue you used for cleaning your urethra has also touched the toilet seat. The third way is you didn’t wash your hands after using the bathroom and touched your face afterwards.

Are Bidet Toilet Seats the Best Seat?

If you want the best method to clean yourself, use water. It is better than using dry paper.

Bidet seats enable you to clean your sensitive areas without any abrasive toilet paper. You do not have to risk yourself of further irritation. Here are more benefits of using bidet:

  • Be eco-friendly. Many trees are being cut down year after year in the U.S. By choosing to use bidet toilet seats instead of toilet paper, you can help reduce the overall paper consumption.
  • You can be more hygienic by simply using water. You can stop the spread of germs because you are not spreading bacteria across a certain area.
  • If you have any medical conditions that inhibit you to use your arms or hands, you do not have to worry. Bidet toilet seats can help you when using the bathroom. People who have hemorrhoids trust bidets because of less abrasion to their sensitive area.
  • New mothers and women do not like the feeling when they have to deal with menstrual periods. Instead of using tissue paper, water will make them feel clean. New mothers are quite sensitive in that area. They want to feel relax and more soothing.
  • Seniors are having a hard time dealing with restrooms especially because of their age. Many care-givers are asked for wiping and assistance. It lowers the senior’s self –esteem when they do this. They do not want to depend on someone when they use a toilet. A bidet can help them restore confidence and regain some sort of independence.

What are the Top Toilet Seat Brands?


Bemis is a known brand that manufactures toilet seats. They are one of the best in the market because you will definitely experience absolute comfort when you use their products. They are special because the Mayfair edition has these hinges that are crafted beautifully in top quality imported wood. You can even choose from a wide array of aesthetically appealing designs and wonderful colors that will satisfy anyone’s decoration needs.

They have a new innovation called whisper close technology. The hinges that is connected to the toilet seat doesn’t create a sound when the lid is being closed. Also, you do not have to worry about your small children being hurt because of accidentally slamming their hands when putting the seat down.

The easy to remove hinges is another awesome product specification. It is also user friendly and easy to install. You just need merely a few minutes to assemble the product. Cleaning is also easy. Just remove the seat, clean the toilet and put it back. The Bemis line is guaranteed to never tarnish. Last but not the least, the Duraguard that comes with Bemis toilet seats will help keep germs away.

Is it Best to Buy Elongated Toilet Seats?

It is a fact: Toilets waste-water. In many houses, bathrooms account for nearly 40% of the home’s total water use. Due to that, the ‘loo’ has truly become among the very essential fixtures seen in a house. Folks never really take into account the specifications or construction of the porcelain throne, there are at least one essential facet one should consider when investing in a toilet-bowl for the very first time. That said, that query is, “round or elongated?” Both characteristics offer their personal pros as well as cons, and eventually, that choice is left to purchaser’s taste.


Round bathroom bowls are ideal for households who do not have much room and need a more streamlined toilet. They are generally much more popular in little flats and rooms. Also, their size makes them a perfect fit for kids, as they are petite and provide a cozier shape for bodies that are smaller.


Elongated on the other hand, often cost a bit more but are favored by many grown-ups because they are discovered to be a lot more open with all the added sitting-room. In distinction to spherical toilet-bowl, folks further from the bathroom tank feel less confined and cramped; therefore, feel less cramped and confined and can sit further from the bathroom tank. An elongated toilet-bowl dimension is generally broad near the best and 18 1/2 inches long. Likewise, elongated toilet bowls are actually discovered in newer design houses, as they’ve gained increasing popularity within the past couple of years.

Aside from the fundamental, physical observations, there are several subtle yet significant items to take into account when selecting between a spherical and elongated toilet-bowl. In no special sequence, these characteristics are efficacy when cleansing, flushing operation, and model-year. Elongated type also offer cleanliness than spherical bathroom bowls. The cause of that is the additional surface region in the elongated bathroom bowls enable simpler accessibility cleaning. Also, due to the longer span, it is more unlikely that filth will get to the bathroom seat location.

Next, even though there’s some conjecture on this issue, a lot of people suppose that toilets have an improved flushing capacity. For legal reasons, all toilets constructed after 1994 in America are set to truly have a maximum water-waste of 1.6 gallons per flush. But since round bathroom bowls have less area to take into account, it’s assumed that per flush water is lost. But there happen to be no conclusive evaluations on the matter saying that form is much better compared to other.

Advantages of Wooden Toilet Seats

MDF (medium-density fiber board) seat manufacturing companies are employing ancient carpentry methods of sheets made up of wood flour coated in synthetic-resin changed lacquering and by compression.

The seats consist of pressed-wood fibers that are the reason they’re also called compressed wood seats. As a result of a multiple-layer coating, you get a hygienic, cozy, simple- to-clear area. The border, the priming, grinding and partly also the picture is usually handcrafted, most typically in China.

MDF bathroom seats can be found in a number of colors and layout choices; seat that is white nevertheless are being offered. In addition, there are differences in the manner of manufacturing the seats, but mostly it’s definitely a blend of artificial resins with wood flooring.

The seats in many cases are made from bamboo or wood. Bamboo and wood are natural compounds that may deviate from color and feel. As a result of a multiple-layer coating, a hygienic, simple-to-clear area is ensured but one that retains its normal appearance.

With respect to as well as the caliber of the coating procedure, the longevity of the seats may vary a great deal.

Pine, oak and mahogany are stuff quite frequently used for seats.

Particularly in the United Kingdom, genuine wood seats nevertheless perform an important part in the industry.

Disadvantages of Wood Bathroom Seats

Wood bathroom seats resist the exact same level of fat and use as plastic seats can but the enamel shielding the wood chips becomes scraped. Well made wood bathroom seat can persist several years, however, if the lid is slammed often, scratches, dents and chips tend to be much more prone to happen. If it takes place, the wood is exposed to dampness that causes the levels of wood to grow and eventually break or rot. Other types of seats like plastic, even though you scrape on the area, won’t normally chip or break under regular use. Should scratched do, the stuff isn’t vulnerable to rot as wood is, therefore a plastic seat can nevertheless be useful to more extended time. Wood bathroom seats may not be cost-effective in the future as plastic in case you factor in the price of replacing since scratched often wear faster.

Why do Some People use Black Toilet Seats?

Cleansers are virtually using bathroom seats as an easy way to slice the time of community bathrooms. Bathroom seats that are black really are a strategy to hide the filth created on the surfaces. Toilet seats function as the house of 50 distinct bacteria per-square inch and when cleaners are not scrubbing it correctly, a zoo of all sorts of ailments and illnesses will inhabit it.

Are there Toilet Seats for Toddlers?

Yes there are. There are a lot of toddler potty seats in the market for parents to choose. To get a toddler potty seat, there are just two fundamental kinds to pick from, each having its pros as well as cons:

A free-standing, tot-size potty chair


  • It is mobile. It’s possible for you to take it from room to room by means of your tot; therefore, it’s going to remain close when the impulse hits. And it is so little and lightweight you’ll be able to bring it to brief excursions.
  • It is child-size and only for the tot, making it less daunting and more specific compared to large toilets.
  • It is panic-free. Without danger of falling to the water, your tot might feel much more comfortable comfy and in management. And there is no-worry of your tot getting a tumble off the bathroom.

Your kid’s legs do not dangle off this close to-the-earth seat so she can go out there easily till something occurs. Plus, your child will have the ability to make use of her grounded toes to push-out BM’s.

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