Two of the Best Toto Toilets Ultramax II and Drake II Which One To Choose?

Over all, we recommend Toto ultramax II over Drake II after careful and in-depth look at these two 1.28 gpf ADA-height complaint water-saving Toto toilet models. Price wise ultramax 2 includes a softclose toilet seat. It is easier to install and clean. Maximum performance flush rate of 500 grams of solid waste. More so it is aesthetically pleasing.

Powerful, quiet, cleans bowl and refills fast !!!

There are many Toto toilets making it harder to decide which one is worth the money. You may need to consider where you will install the toilet, will it be on the ground floor, second, master’s or in a small place but furthermore you need to check the flushing system, Map rate, flush noise, and water-saving.

Good thing about the two models is that they are both good at clogging issues, bowl cleaning, flush noise, comfort height, ease of installation and both have good Map Test results.

Both Drake II and Ultramax II rims don’t have holes. This means that water flushed from the tank do not enter into tiny rim holes so the water speeds down to the bowl wall and push the waste to the drain with great force. This rim with no holes design makes the bowl looks seamless and cleaner.

Here are the individual reviews for each models:

Toto Ultramax II Review

To start off, Toto Ultramax II is a one piece toilet model, which is also an upgrade from Drake and ultramax model series. It comes with a double cyclone flushing system technology which is a lot better than G-max system used in Drake models. It has an extremely powerful flush yet quiet. It has an ion barrier glazing that cleans your toilet bowl automatically with each flush.  This is perfect fit for your master bedroom as to not awake the spouse or kids at night. Ultramax II has a high profile and sleek design and it is available in an option of up to 5 different colors, including a two pack option with the cotton white model. As far as aesthetic goes, you can also install this to your guest room, Ultramax 2 is really something to brag about, believe us, your guest will be amazed after using this model. Ultramax II is almost clog-free so you won’t be needing your heavy duty plunger even on Thanksgiving party. You can count on Ultramax 2 and enjoy your party.

Let’s begin with the Pros for Ultramax II;

  • Efficiently removes waste through powerful flush saves you money on water bills.
  • Approved by WaterSense for its high efficiency makes it environment friendly.
  • Maximum Performance Flushing rate of 500 grams of solid waste ensures total waste removal
  • ADA-height compliant comfortable for disabled people and Seniors.
  • Being one piece toilet saves your time on installing and cleaning
  • SanaGloss super smooth surface cleans bowl every flush ensures longer use
  • Soft closing seat included prevents waking up kids or partner at night
  • Elongated bowl enables easy aiming for boys and men while urinating.
  • 12 inch rough-in makes it easier to clean the back of the base

Let’s discuss the Cons of Ultramax II;

  • The one piece model makes it hard to move the toilet seat for fitting as it is heavier.
  • It is slightly costlier than drake ii.

Lets us take a look at the Contender Drake II: By the way, we consider this as one of the best two-piece toilet, as a matter of fact Drake II has been a best-seller for months in amazon so even if you end up choosing this model you will have peace of mind.

Toto Drake II Review

Toto Drake II is a two piece toilet bowl model. It comes with a highly efficient double cyclone flushing action. Being a two piece model, it is easier to move the model around for fitting. The flushing mechanism of this model makes each flush quiet and saves up to 20% water.

Again Drake II’s rim has no holes just like Ultramax II. You can install this model at your kid’s room or common bathroom.

The design of Drake II is sleek and it is available in an option of up to 4 different colors.

Let us start with some of the Pros for this model;

  • The double cyclone technology is definitely a plus for this model.
  • The noiseless flush proves to be a useful feature for attached washrooms.
  • It has a wide, computer designed trap way of 2-1/8-Inch.
  • Environment friendly, as it saves up to 20% water with a 1.28 GPF.
  • The SanaGloss finish gives a smooth look.
  • 12″ rough in

Let us now take a look at the Cons for this model;

  • Being a two piece mode, it is harder to keep it clean.
  • A two piece model is potentially exposed to the risk of developing a leak, between the tank and the bowl. However, this is rare and may be avoided.
  • Toto Drake II is only available in ADA height.
  • In testing, Drake II scored just 800 MAP for flushing.
  • No toilet seat included you need to pick one here seat reviews.

The Comparison

  • Pricing:

The pricing for Drake II is a bit less, but compared to the features and efficiency, Ultramax II is definitely a better catch.

  • Specifications:

Drake II; height 29.44 in., width 16.5 in., depth 28.75 in. and weight is 88.8lbs.

Ultramax II; seat height 17-1/4-Inch, 16-1/8-Inch rim height, tank height 28-3/8-Inch and tank width 16-9/16-Inch.

  • Color Options:

Ultramax II wins this category with ease, having 5 different colors and a 2-pack option. The Drake II offers 4 colors only.

  • Maintenance:

Ultramax II wins again, being a one piece toilet model which is easier to fit and clean. Drake II is also good but due to its two piece design it is harder to maintain and clean it.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt Drake II is a great toto toilet model. However, if you match both the models, Ultramax II wins the battle hands down.  Naturally, We went with Ultramax II and it proved to be the right option. While Drake II is also a great catch, We will recommend Ultramax II to all of you.

If you are getting your home constructed or your bathrooms re-done, choosing the correct toilet seat for your bathrooms makes sense. A very popular choice these days are the different toilet seat models from the Toto product line. If you recently had the need to re-do your bathrooms you will find that Toto toilet models are one of the best. May this comparison review for Drake II and Ultramax II will guide you on choosing the best one for you.