White Vanities With White Marble Top

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We have here white marble tops on vanities. The best picks. The important thing to ask yourself is what your needs are. Do you need a dual-basin system? Do you need ample storage space? Do you have a preference in design? Is your bathroom already built on one décor?

Questions like these can help you to hone in on the perfect vanity for your room. Be sure to look at the little things also like the pulls, the design, the long-term durability of the pieces you invest in. Here are some helpful reviews to get you started on picking the perfect white vanity with white marble top design for your home.

Kitchen Bath Collection KBC5972WTCARR Elizabeth Bathroom Vanity

The KBC5972WTCARR is a large two-sink product that is sleek in design and sturdy in build. The white model is something that many people will find to be an asset due to it fitting into a wide variety of decors. Its unassuming look makes it an attractive piece that is versatile. The marble top is double-thickness and has modern beveled edging.

This model KBC has dimensions of 72-inches by 23-inches by 36-inches. It weighs a hefty 330-pounds. This is a large piece meant for larger bath areas. It definitely will need multiple people for the install due to its size. It also has a good amount of storage beneath the sinks. On each side it has a double door with a large open compartment for larger or taller items. In between the two stations, it has three equal-sized drawers. All storage areas have the soft-close function. The pulls on the drawers are brushed nickel and the door pulls have hanging brushed nickel pieces.

The basins on the KBC model are rectangular and undermounted to maximize countertop space. There is a backsplash made of the same material as the top surface included. Also included are the faucets. All holes in the marble top are predrilled for ease of install. The package includes the pop-up drains, the P-traps and the dual ceramic sinks. The cabinet is slightly elevated due to four sturdy wooden feet attached to the case.

This is a nice piece but is very large. Its price point is on par with other equitable items and it offers plenty of storage space. This is definitely for a large bathroom area where more than one person will be sharing the space. One thing to note is that the faucet and the backsplash are considered to be “gift” inclusions and if they are damaged or broken during transit, they will not be replaced or refunded. Still, the fact that the entire unit is solid wood—including the doors, frames and drawers—makes it a highly valuable piece that likely will last for generations to come.

Simpli Home Chelsea 36-inch Right Offset Bath Vanity

The Chelsea model is a one-basin option. This one has a look that is reminiscent of a shaker style piece of furniture. The white on white however, make it versatile and useful for a variety of different room styles. It also comes in different sizes- 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch. The 36-inch is available in right-offset and left-offset layouts. It has one rectangular basin that is 13-inches by 18-inches by 6.9-inches and is made of vitreous china. Holes for faucet installation are pre-drilled.

Dimensions for the Chelsea 36-inch are 37-inches by 21.5-inches by 34.5-inches and it weighs 177-pounds. For a smaller piece, it maximizes storage space with its design. With this model, there are four drawers and one door cabinet. The door cabinet can be ordered on the left- or on the right-side. Alongside the doors are three additional pull-out storage spaces and beneath the doors is another storage area. The pulls are brushed nickel with square knobs. The doors offer 105-degree hinging for maximum reach within the storage space. The drawers all come with side-mounted ball-bearing slides.

The best thing about The Chelsea is that it is designed with intricate but symmetrical edging within the door and drawer fronts. The top is white quartz marble and is undermounted to make the most of the top space. This is another product that has a good price point for its value. Legs and the drawers have a mullion molding that accentuates the look. The feet are extra-long to make the space beneath the model and the floor relatively high at 6.3-inches high. This creates a unique and distinct look to the piece.

This definitely is one of the cleanest looking sinks with its pure clear top that is pure quartz. It will fit into a smaller area but it’s efficient enough in design that it can offer the storage needed. If your space is compact but you still require a stylish model, this may be the perfect solution. It also offers a great amount of storage for its size. The flexibility of ordering it left- or right-offset is an added bonus that allows you to customize it to your space.

Kitchen Bath Collection KBC548WTCARR Bella Vanity

The Kitchen Bath’s Bella design vanity is another high-performance product. The basin is rounded and undermounted for sleekness of design. Although it is bigger than some of the other models being reviewed, it still is appropriate for a wide variety of areas—a powder room, a water closet or a full master bathroom. Regardless of the space, this is a sink that can perform well and look great.

The dimensions of the Bella are 48-inches by 22-inches by 35-inches and it weighs 210 pounds. This is a heavy piece that requires multiple people for transport and placement. Although it has just one circular basin, it has plenty of storage space beneath. It has one double-door compartment directly underneath the basin. On each side it has three equally-sized drawers and all of the drawers and doors have a soft-close function. Pulls are brushed metal and rounded in design. This definitely is a piece that offers an abundance of storage for items to keep them hidden away. It works well as a guest room piece or a private water closet.

There are a lot of extras with this 48-inch model. It has a backsplash that matches the countertop. It also comes with the faucet, and holes pre-drilled. It features a pop-up drain and included P-trap. The feet add elegance to the overall look with their rounded style. They keep the piece off the ground and offer a pop of style to the otherwise simple design. The complete package offers the backsplash and a three-hold faucet system as a gift along with purchase.

This is a good design that offers a lot of usage possibilities. Like the other Kitchen Bath products, it should be noted that the backsplash and faucet are considered “gifts”. They are not covered if received damaged or broken. Also, like other products this one is solid wood—and that includes the drawers, drawers and the frame. The insides of the drawers are left with a natural finish to showcase the wood construction of the piece. This product has a lot of value to it and its construction likely will withstand year after year of heavy use.

Kitchen Bath Collection KBC1272WTCARR Nantucket

The Kitchen Bath’s Nantucket is a large and a model that has a distinct design to it. This is another dual-sink style that offers plenty of storage space beneath and display space on top for the users. This one has a countertop of Carrara marble and it is double-thickness with nicely beveled edging.

The dimensions of the Nantucket model are 72-inches by 23-inches by 36-inches. It is one of the heaviest pieces being reviewed, coming in at 475-pounds. It definitely requires some considerable help with transport and stationing. The construction is made of solid birch wood, which makes it so heavy but also makes it very sturdy. This is a piece that can easily take a lot of use and never show signs of it.

It also offers a lot of storage space. Each basin is rectangular and beneath it is a double-door for storage and beneath that a small drawer. In between the two stations are four equally-spaced drawers. All of the doors and drawers have the soft-close feature. The pulls are polished metal—the one on the drawers are long handles and the ones on the doors are regular circular pulls. Included in this package are the backsplash to match and the faucets. It also comes with pop-up drains and P-traps.

This is a piece with a lot of style to it. It has a center area with four drawers that are depressed, while the two sink stations are flush with each other. By creating the center in a depression, it singles the piece out for its uniqueness in construction. This creates a nice look to the piece and visually separates each cleaning station. The feet are also intricate in design. Like the entire piece, they are made of solid birch, and are elevated to keep the piece off of the floor. They have a unique design that angles at each corner and at the middle depressed section of the cabinet.

Kitchen Bath seems good at offering solid wood and sturdy pieces. It may take some effort to get them in the right place, but their durability likely will be well worth it. Note though that, like other pieces offered by this manufacturer, the backsplash and the faucets are included as “gifts”. They come with no guarantee—if they are broken or damaged they do not fall under a covered piece. This is definitely a design meant for the person who wants to have a white-on-white bath system that has some pizazz to it with construction.

Wyndham Collection Sheffield 72-inch Double Sink

The Wyndham’s Sheffield is a piece that is sleek and simple in design. This is a piece that can fit into a variety of different homes. It is another dual-sink model that offers two distinct stations for users. What is nice about this style is that it is very modest so you can still customize your room around it easily, without it ever getting in the way of décor preferences.

The dimensions of the Sheffield are 72-inches by 22-inches by 35-inches and it weighs 370-pounds. This is another hefty piece that will take multiple helpers to transport and to station in the right place. The piece is made from environmentally friendly and zero-emissions solid wood. It has storage space beneath the two rectangular basins at each end. Beneath each sink is a double-door for dual storage and under that is a long drawer. Separating the two stations are four equally-sized drawers that are fully extending. It comes with the backsplash and porcelain sinks that are undermounted for convenience. It also has two holes pre-drilled at each side for a single-hole faucet. All pulls are long handles that are brushed chrome for a glossy and streamlined look.

The Wyndham manufacturer boasts a 12-stage wood preparation system that focuses on excellent sanding, thorough painting and hand-finishing. This makes for a high-quality product that will offers years of excellent service to any bath system. This solid wood construction is what makes it so durable and valuable to the user. This is a definite must-see if you are looking for a cabinet with double-usage capability.


Each one of the items reviewed has a top value. Each one however has its individual advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to read about each design as you debate the best one for your room. Things like moldings, feet and backsplashes can distinguish each of your pieces. In addition, so can things like storage, number of basins and drawer layout. Consider each one for its virtues and then make your educated decision. You’ll be happy you spent time finding the perfect solution for your room once you see how well it performs for your household.

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