5 Amazing White Vanities with Black Granite Tops

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Finding a vanity sink for your bathroom can be a task. There are quite a few things to consider with your purchase. Style, height, faucet, storage, counter top space, etc. are all concerns. In this review, you will see five popular brands and their reviews. You’ll find out about their construction, size and how well they serve the user based on research and testing. Each one has a white cabinet with a black granite top. Beyond that, they are each unique and have special features to offer.

Review of Vanities With Black Granite Tops


The Ove Sophia-42 countertop offers a sturdy and good-looking option. What’s nice about the look is the stark contrast between the black granite top and the bone-white cabinet. This one has a large left door. Inside this door is one adjustable shelf. It can be left even for same-size items, or it can be placed extra high, or extra low to accommodate larger items. On the right are three same-size shelves for smaller items, or items that can be laid flat. Pulls are black brushed metal to match the black countertop and closures use soft-close glides. It makes for a striking design that can make any bath look great.

The dimensions of the Ove Sophia are 21-inches by 42-inches by 34.5-inches. It weighs 198-pounds. The counter width is 42-inches, so it likely can fit into just about any bathroom, even a small one. The under-mounted sink offers a standard look and secures nicely for stability. The unit weighs enough to make it a stable option once secured with plumbing. The feet are part of the cabinet and made of wood. Because they are part of the model, and not separate additions, they offer maximum security and sleekness of design.

With this model, you can accommodate a three-piece plumbing faucet—one for the water and one for each hot and cold water output valves. This makes for flexible use with any 8-inch center-set faucet kit. It also features a rectangular ceramic basin that is single-undermount and CUPC-certified.

Overall, this is a good product that offers reliable service, sturdy build and convenient storage. Despite being small, it also offers plenty of counter top area considering its size. It’s a good option for anyone looking for the stark contrast of black-and-white and a good sink-to-counter-space ratio. If you have a limited footage, it might be the perfect solution.


The Foremost GAWA3022BK Gazette vanity is another sleek option. This one has the dark black top starkly contrasted with its white cabinet. It has two drawers at the front and an open shelf at the lowest point. Each of the two front doors open from the center with a burnished metal pull. They aren’t shiny, but polished so they match with the top black surface. This is definitely an option for a small bathroom space that requires compact options for a sink, that doesn’t lack in style or elegance.

The Foremost GAWA3022’s dimensions are 21.7-inches by 30-inches by 34-inches and it weighs 80-pounds. If your room is particularly limited in footage, this is a great option. For customers who want black and white to match their current room décor, or customers who want a simple and unassuming option for the sink, this is a good choice. It doesn’t take away from any other design or décor choices any homeowner may pick for their room. It offers an old-world look to it that a lot of homeowners will find attractive. It has very simple polished metal pulls on the front.

The basin is white ceramic and an undermount style. Users should note that it is a high-style so bending over to wash hands is not an issue. This is a great feature for elderly users who may not be able to bend, or for homeowners who prefer a higher counter height for convenience. The legs attach to the cabinet and are the supports for the sides. This means that they will never detach from the unit and they are sturdy and reliable. It comes with three pre-drilled holes at the top for easy faucet installation.

This is a good product that offers a great look and stability to it. There aren’t a lot of unique features to this product or many extras. It’s the typical product that allows for standard small-bathroom function. Remember that it does have that one open shelf at the bottom. If you prefer to have your items hidden away, other options might work better for you. It also is a higher design. This can work perfectly for the elderly who may have problems leaning over, but if you have small children, it may not be ideal. Consider who the sink will be serving when making your choice on whether or not a tall-height will work for your home.


The OVE York 36 granite countertop is one of those pieces that is truly ornate. If you love the details and small extras, this may be the perfect product for you. Like the other products in this review, the top is black and the cabinet is white. It has the weathered look however, to give it true old-world character. This is a piece that you would see in an antique shop that offers elegance and is reminiscent of days gone by. Despite its weathered look, the functionality is all modern. It is a piece that perfectly combines look and utilitarianism.

The actual cabinet has dimensions of 20-inches by 36-inches by 34-inches and it weighs 179-pounds. It’s another heavy piece that is durable and sturdy. What also is nice about it is its unique build. Sides have an inward curve and the front has a slight bow to the cabinet. This also gives it true character. Despite its ornate construction, the piece actually is compact. If you have a small area to dress up with a sink unit, this is perfect. The front has two doors that open—one on each side. The inner cabinet has one shelf that creates two inner compartments for ease of organization.

The basin for this sink is also undermount and made of CUPC-certified ceramic. One criticism may be that the basin is very small. It suffices for a bathroom, but if you want something larger then this may be a personal preference that is a deal-breaker. The top has a pre-drilled hole that can house a standard 8-inch widespread faucet system. The legs on this model are carved into wooden round feet. This again makes for a nice style to decorate your room with. Like the Foremost, this one has very small front pulls but they work well with the overall design of the cabinet.

The OVE York is all about being unique and stylish. Its Victorian look make it the perfect ornate sink to dress up a small space. If anything, it does only offer minimal storage, but for a guest powder room or water closet, it still may work well. This model is all about the look though and with the moderate pricing, you can’t go wrong. It is a heavier model due to its features, but if you can accommodate the size with added installers it shouldn’t be an issue. This is a piece that must fit into your current décor. Remember it is ornate and by all accounts one of the fanciest sinks that you’ll find. Be sure that your current bathroom can sustain such a luxurious-looking piece.


The Simpli Home Cambridge 24-inch bath vanity is another streamlined and sleek design. This one is very simply constructed with a white cabinet and a black granite countertop. It is a rectangular shape and the white and black contrast is evident and attractive. The super-slim build makes it a good choice for anyone with limited space for their bathroom sink. This is the perfect piece for a guest powder room or small water closet. It has the stark contrast of a pure white cabinet with the ebony black granite top to it. Knobs are nickel-finished for an attractive look against the white wood

What is nice about this option is that it comes in a variety of different sizes. The dimensions on this model are 24-inches by 21.5-inches by 33.8-inches. It is available in width of 24-inches, 30-inches, 36-inches and 48-inches. Each style gives that much more countertop area. The 24-inch model has very little room for any items; still, for a side water closet it still may work. This is another high-height cabinet style so crouching isn’t a problem. Its two pulls on the front doors are small and made with a brushed nickel finish.

The basin is rectangular and small. Of course as you move up in size you get a little more room with the basin and slightly more top space for displaying items. The legs are built into the frame, so it’s sturdy and reliable. Inside, the two outer front doors open to offer one shelf. Storage is considerable for such a small frame. Again- this is perfect for a small water closet or guest bathroom. It has three pre-drilled holes for a 4-inch center faucet system.

This sink lives up to its manufacturer’s name “Simpli.” It is very simple with its square design and basin. There aren’t bells and whistles with the design. Still, it functions well if you customize it to your space with small items for decoration. The fact that you can select it in a variety of different sizes makes it easy to fit to the room your designing. It’s another straightforward clean design that can be an unassuming, but necessary, fixture in your bathroom.


The Legion Furniture WLF6018 is the final piece reviewed here. This is a fantastic addition to any master bathroom or shared-bath. It features the white-and-black contrast with white cabinet design and black granite countertop. If you need more under-counter hideaway area and more counter space, this could be the ideal design for you. It is a larger piece that can serve multiple users well.

The dimensions of the Legion WLF6018 are 61-inches by 22-inches by 34-inches and it weighs 337.2-pounds. It is a hefty piece that is likely to offer decades of service. Because it is designed for multiple person use, it has ample storage. On each side it has two doors with brandished silver pulls. Inside the doors are two shelves to hold items. In the middle are three drawers to hold more items conveniently and efficiently. The size of this cabinet is large enough to allow for towels, tissues or makeup to be organized between the two basins, and for items to be placed on each outer side of them.

There are two basins with this sink. Both are undermount construction. Ceramic is CUPC-compliant ceramic that is durable. Each side has three pre-drilled holes for the faucet construction with an 8-inch spread. This is a great feature because it allows homeowners to get creative with their faucet needs. It helps them to customize the piece to the room’s existing décor.

The Legion WLF6018 is a large unit that offers plenty of room. Granted, you need to have enough space to work with it, but if you do, it might be the perfect option. Its dual sink and ample areas are convenient and functional. For any bath that has to serve more than one person, this is a great option. Be sure to take into consideration that its larger accommodation means a much larger size. At almost 100-pounds heavier than other models reviewed here, be sure that your installers know its hefty size. It has a lot to offer, but likely will need multiple people to place it and finish the install properly.

Picking a Vanity Guide

When it comes to picking a sink for your home there are three things you should consider:

  • The amount of space you have
  • What you want from it in terms of functionality
  • What design works best with your room

Space is the first thing you should consider. Be sure that you measure your available area and then pick cabinets that fit into those dimensions. Sometimes though spatial consideration isn’t just numbers. Consider the other fixtures in your room. For example, if you are creating a large master bathroom then larger pieces can work well. On the other hand, if you have a small water closet then streamlined and compact furniture and fixture designs most likely will serve you best.

Another consideration is what you want to use your sink for. If it is just for providing water, then this is an easy consideration to tackle. On the other hand, if you need it to provide much-needed storage, then look for those that can do double-duty. Under counter storage is a great additional feature to enjoy if you are short on places to hide items. For example, if you have a small apartment and storage is limited, having the right size design can help you to find places for hiding items. Also, if you like having items on the countertop for convenience, then look for added counter top inches to accommodate.

Finally, consider the design that will work best with your already existing bath décor. If you are building a home from scratch this may not be an issue. If, however, you are moving into an already built home you may want to pick pieces that complement the home’s already-existing design.

The good news is that there are a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors to choose from. Make a list of what you need from your sink and what qualities will serve your home best. Then, take your list and narrow down what models will work for your room.


Each one of the sinks reviewed have something unique to offer and can fit into a different bathroom setting. As long as you know what you need and what fits into your lifestyle, you should be able to narrow down your choices relatively quickly. Decorating—whether it is a remodel or new build—your room should be an exciting challenge that pays off. Take your time, find out what works best for you, and then enjoy your new stylings along with your new hand-picked sink model.

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