8 Gray Marble Tops Over White Bathroom Vanities

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If you are looking for a new bathroom sink unit and need a dual sink option, then here are some of the best ones available. Each one has a white cabinet and a gray marble top. Beyond that, they have different advantages and features. Some have more storage space, some have handy pull-out shelves for small items—regardless, they are all worthy of contemplation. Here is a list of the models available and the details about each option.




The Kitchen Collection KBC5972WTCARR Elizabeth vanity is an elegant piece for any dual-sink need. This one has classic lines and it comes in white for the cabinet and a gray marble finish. The countertop is attached to the cabinet and the backsplash needs to be mounted. What is nice about the piece is its complete design. If you are remodeling, or building a new washing room, this sink unit can set the direction of your décor. It is a lovely piece, but very unassuming. It won’t take over the look or dictate other decisions you need to make for decorating. Whether you have an Old-English look, country casual or modern luxury bathroom, this piece will fit fine.

The dimensions of Kitchen Bath’s Elizabeth are 72-inches by 23-inches by 36-inches. It weighs 330-pounds. It’s a large piece so it is for master wash room placement or for shared vanity needs. It definitely needs more than two people to position it. The small feet on the unit are built into the cabinet for extra sturdiness. It includes a Carrara marble. It has two rectangular basins on each side for dual use.

It has dual ceramic sinks that are undermounted for seamless countertops. Beneath there are two doors on each side with one large compartment inside. Separating the two sides are three small drawers. The pulls on all of the units are silver. The ones on the drawers are standard round pulls. The ones on the doors are ornate with a hanging embellishment. Sides of the countertop are beveled with an added lip design. Each sink is rectangular. The faucets are included with this unit.

For anyone needing a dual-sink option for their shower room this is a great looking model. It is functional and laid out well. Plus, it has free faucets as part of the deal, so having to find faucet systems isn’t an issue. At this cost, it also is a good option.



Wyndham Collection Sheffield 72 inch Double Bathroom Vanity in WhiteThe Wyndham Collection Sheffield is another option reviewed. This one is particularly sleek in design with its pulls, straight backsplash and sharp-cut edging. This one is created from environmentally safe materials that offer zero-emissions. It also is made of solid wood and created to prevent any future warping. According to manufacturers, it will last a lifetime. This is the perfect design for a modern-style or even country-style room because of its clean lines.

The Wyndham Sheffield is 72-inches by 22-inches by 35-inches. It weighs 370-pounds. This is a very heavy unit but very sturdy. It has feet built directly into the cabinets, so it’s sturdily set on them. This is another unit that definitely needs more than one person to install it due to its large and heavy size. The basins are rectangular and play well to the clean design.

This one also has the dual sink for multiple-person use. It has two rectangular undermounted sinks on each side. It also has doors beneath each sink. Inside is a large compartment for storage and beneath that there is a small drawer. Separating the two compartments in the middle are four additional small drawers for organization. The pulls are what truly set the design of this piece—they are straight handle-like in model and made of polished metal. All drawers have soft-close features. The model comes with pre-drilled holes at the top for a variety of faucet options. You can easily pick a simple faucet that matches the pulls perfectly. It can accommodate a single-hole faucet system.

Overall, the Wyndham Sheffield is a good option for those who want a sleek design. It is very simple but offers enough storage space and functionality that it is a high value to the purchaser. The cost is also good for the return-on-investment so it’s a great option for anyone in need of a dual-sink to complete their room layout.


Stufurhome White Double Sink Bathroom VanityThe Stufurhome Malibu is another sink option. What is nice about this one is its simple design. This is the perfect sink to pick if you haven’t decided yet what look you want to go for. It is unassuming and never overwhelming. This is the kind of sink that will do the job but design-wise acclimate to whatever else you build or decorate around it. It also has the white cabinet and the gray top countertop. What is nice about this model is that it is very traditional in design, which possibly is why it fits so many different applications.

The Malibu is 60-inches by 22-inches by 36-inches and weighs 163-pounds. When it comes to size, it is sturdy, but there are a lot of models equitable in size that weight a lot more. This is an easy to transport and install model. It has two ceramic sinks that are round and sleek. Both are undermounted. The Carrara countertop is very light, which is another reason why it will fit with so many different styles of washing room. The cabinets are solid wood and handles are all stainless steel. The basins are oval in shape.

What makes this is so classic in look also are the pulls. There are two door sets underneath each sink. The pulls are rectangular knobs. Beneath the doors there is one slide-out drawer with a handle-pull. Between the two stations are four small drawers also with the same handle-pulls in brandished metal. The unit comes with six holes—three on each side—pre-drilled for the faucet installation units. They all have soft-closing sliders.

This is a great option for anyone who wants a simple and straightforward style. At the price, it also is a great buy. If you are in need of a European-looking simple sink unit for more than one person, this may be a great option to check out.


Kitchen Bath Collection KBC222WTCARR Bella Double Sink Bathroom VanityThe Kitchen Bath Collection’s Carr Bella is another product reviewed. This one is a bit more ornate than other options so far, but if you like some luxury to your furniture designs, this may still work well. It has the same white case that comes fully assembled. Sinks are pre-installed and so are the tops. The faucets and the backsplash are also included with the model. It has rounded basins on each side that are undermounted.

The Carr Bella 60-inches by 23-inches by 35-inches and it weighs 290-pounds. This is another larger model sink system, so having more than two people on install day may be a necessity. It has ample storage beneath each sink for dual use. There are two doors on each side that open up to a full under-counter compartment. In the middle are three additional drawers. What is nice about this model is that above the three middle draws is an added pull that brings out a pull-out counter for additional items. This is a nice feature that allows for small items to be stationed for ease of use.

What stands out about the Carr Bella is that the countertop Cararra marble is very distinct. It has a greater contrast between the white and gray design. If you have a particular eye for design, this may catch yours and be a good option for your dual sink. The pulls on all of the doors and drawers are simple too, so they will fit into a wide range of design needs. Each one is polished metal. The fact that the faucet comes with the unit is also an added convenience. You won’t have to worry about what models fit with the pre-drilled holes. Rather, the manufacturer takes care of the issues with your purchase.

The feet on the Carr Bella are rounded to add a bit of its own design to the mix. Though this piece is overall unassuming, the special extras with design make it a stand-out piece. Combining the unique marble with the rounded feet and simplistic pulls, this is a great option for you. It also comes at a great price to fit into a wide range of budgets.


California 60-inch Double Bathroom VanityThe California Double cabinet is another option that has its own distinct style to it. This one is all about the rectangles and sharp lines. It works best with a modern design but can fit into a variety of decors. It has the same stark  cabinet and the gray Carrara marble countertop to it. This one comes with marble that is 1.5-inches in thickness. It’s an added feature that makes the marble pop that much more when guests see it.

The California is 35-inches by 60-inches by 22-inches and weighs 320-pounds. It is a large unit that will take a good amount of workers to position and install. Still, with the amount of use and clean look, it is definitely worth it. What is nice about this is that it offers a lot of storage space with its contemporary design. The unit also comes with the faucets and the backsplash included in the package. The basins are rectangular and add to the contemporary design.

This sink has a door under each of the two rectangular sinks. The doors open with handles that are polished metal. There also is a large drawer underneath the door storage. In between the two stations are three drawers, also with the same long handle-pull to them. This offers a solution to storage. If you have a room with not a lot of additional closet space or areas to store smaller items, this may be the perfect answer. It has plenty of places for each user to store his or her personal items. The top also has ample area to store small bottles and organization tools.

This is a good option for anyone who wants the more contemporary style vanity. It has a lot to offer and can be a great tool for users who need storage. The fact that it comes including the faucets is also a great advantage. For the cost, this is another highly cost-efficient option.


Bella 60-inch Double Bathroom VanityThe Bella 60-inch sink offers a lot of style to it. This one also comes with the faucet and the backsplash included. The sinks are undermounted and preinstalled for ease-of-stationing. This sink is nice because it has the classic lines that can fit into a variety of different areas, but it also has a touch of its own personality. The feet are molded into balls and give it something of its own unique design. Still, it is simple enough to take its place proudly into any décor.

The unit is 60-inches by 23-inches by 35-inches and it weighs 230-pounds. The weight makes it one of the easiest to install units. What is notable about it though is that this has a very white-like top, although manufacturers list it as gray. It’s easy to dress this up or down—depending on your design needs. It has two doors—one on each side of the sink underneath the round basin that is undermounted.

This model offers plenty of storage also. It has two doors beneath each sink. In between the two doors, it has three drawers that get larger in size as you go lower. It also has the added feature of a pull-out counter for smaller items. Overall, this is another unit that offers plenty of room. If you have a small shower room area or are limited with space, this can be a great solution.

The Bella 60-inch is another good option that comes with the countertops and the sinks all preinstalled. It also has the P-traps and pop-up drains included in the package. It truly is an all-in-one solution for any installer. At the price point, it makes for a great option when searching for the perfect dual vanity.


Wyndham Collection Andover 80 inch Double Bathroom VanityThis is a very large unit and if you have the space, this may be a great option for you. One thing you will like is that this is also all-inclusive. It comes with the dual basins, the backsplash and two additional mirrors that are 28-inches. If you want to make one purchase to solve a variety of different needs, this could be your perfect option.

The Wyndham is 80-inches by 23-inches by 35.8-inches and it weighs 384-pounds. It is a massive unit, but once you get it installed, you can rest assured that it will offer a lot of use. This very light so it will fit perfectly into a wide variety of decors and design options. It has small feet that are block-like squares as extensions to the cabinet.

In terms of storage, the Wyndham has plenty. It comes with two double doors underneath each sink that open for large spaces. The doors are separated by three small drawers in between. Each one is deep doweled for maximum space. They come with pulls that have an antique bronze finish to them. This is a classic style unit that plays well to a variety of different applications.

This is a fine option for those who want to find a complete solution to their sink needs. It comes with the backsplash and the mirrors. It also has pre-drilled holes for a variety of different faucet options. At the price point, it is a little higher than the other reviewed options. However, because of the two mirror inclusion, that is appropriate.


Virtu GD-50072-WMSQ-WH CarolineThe Caroline Avenue is another sleek design that plays well into a contemporary style room. It has plenty of storage space and plenty of space to allow for a wide variety of usage. What is nice about this model is its decided clean lines and straightforward appeal. If you love minimalistic furniture, then this could be the perfect model for you.

The Caroline Avenue is 72-inches by 21.5-inches by 34-inches and it weighs 499-pounds. This is another extra heavy and sturdy unit. It is made of wood and has plenty of years of usage to it. It has two double doors underneath each round undermounted sink. They open up to plenty of storage. Beneath the double doors are two individual drawers. Separating the two stations on this sink unit are four small drawers with soft-close features to them. This is another option that can offer plenty of additional storage to a room without built-in areas for items.

What’s nice with this unit is that it is contemporary and unassuming. It can be a great addition to the room with its sleek look. It is a very heavy unit though that will take a good amount of help to install. Once it is in though, it will offer plenty of use. It has pre-cut holes for the faucets.

The price point for this unit is also highly cost-efficient. If you are looking for an option for a dual sink, this is a good one. It stands up well to the competition with its simple design but convenient layout.


Be sure to note the layout of the piece and its individual design. Some are more contemporary than others and some are more ornate. The great thing about sinks these days is that they can easily set the tone of your bath room, or play well to the existing theme you have already created. Each option has different sinks—some are round, some oval and others are rectangular. Also, be sure to look at the feet and the customized pull options. Put together, it’s these features that make for the unique designs that are available and what can make the perfect option for you.

The eight options reviewed are all unique in design. They are made to be sturdy and helpful to answer a variety of different storage needs. Each one is built for dual-use and has enough below storage to meet the needs of a variety of users. The price points are all moderate, but still offer different options for varying budgets. The white cabinets with gray tops create a great contemporary look. Do your own research, but these are a great place to start as you look for bathroom solutions.

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